Handling acute sensitivity

By Natalia Baker,

May 7, 2021

We have all become very sensitive as our hearts have opened. The problem is that some of us have become porous! We pick up every problem, pain, suffering from the environment be it our close family, what is unfolding in the world or a visit to the supermarket. We are taking on the negative feelings and emotions of those around us as well as in the atmosphere of the earth. This sensitivity can become a real burden leading to feeling pessimistic, depressed, hopeless, lethargic. It is a real energy sapper.

This sensitivity is coming from our feminine side where we experience not just love, but empathy, compassion, others’ feelings. It is important that in the burgeoning of the feminine we do not neglect our male side. We need to fully embrace and live it. I know in the past the male qualities were expressed in the shadow (aggression, manipulation, domination, control, oppression and egotism) but today there is a new definition of male energy. It has evolved into the Sacred Male and is there to balance and protect the feminine, thus the illustration above. In this form the male qualities are to do with focus, setting boundaries for yourself, being clear about what you want and therefore choosing what you will allow into your energy field. If you call on this male energy it will not allow you to be completely absorbed in the negativity around you. It is like a protective knight, distinguishing what feeds and nurtures you, what you can let in and leave out. If anything is lowering your frequency through anxiety and the shadow side of empathy, it is will not allow you to carry the vibration which you came to hold at this time.

Over the years I have had close contact with many, mostly women, who have been carrying the burdens of their community or family. It draws their energy, they become disempowered. It is interesting to investigate ‘What is thine and what is mine’, what energy are they contributing to the situation or person. Are they serving themselves and their own issues? It was helpful to question “What does it have to do with you?” Some troubled individuals may even sort out their issues in future lives!

Holding the light means, on one hand, to be in the world, open and willing to spread your vibrations of love and compassion when it is required but, on the other hand, it means you know when to withdraw, when to take care of yourself, when your energy is leaking inappropriately. This is crucial in these times when energy can be very heavy and difficult.

SUGGESTION: Please honour yourself daily by coming back to yourself, feeling Who You Are. Be in the space where you can be at ease, completely yourself, so relaxed that you can go within and touch into the beingness and knowingness of your Self, be in the stillness. This is a requirement to become familiar with Who You Are. Find the balance between being with yourself and being in the world. Use your male energy to determine what is right for you. Make choices.

Loving blessings,

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