2021: The year of revelation | The global picture

By Natalia Baker,

April 18, 2021

We know that the Great Saturn/Jupiter conjunction on 21 December 2020 was far more than a new year – it initiated an entirely ‘New Era of Humanity’. We have begun the journey out of capitalism with its emphasis on economics over people, which has destroyed the harmony of the natural world in the process, immersed us in rules, laws, authority, hierarchy and tradition.

This was the Age of Pisces. As we increasingly embrace an Aquarian Age we will find an emphasis on social development: ideas, information, technology, communication, relationships and collaboration . We will see more and more concern for what is best for all, for the collective, instead of personal entitlement. I feel so excited as I write this!

Be aware that this message of peace and brotherhood has definitely not reached all the population and definitely not the 1% (the Cabal!). So I am sorry to have to report to you we will see on-going clashes between the old and the new, between those who want to progress and those tied into maintaining the status quo, resistance and revolution. The revolution is fuelled by polarisation, anger, frustration, injustice and unequal rights. I think we know we have to get through this to create an Aquarian-visioned world. These trends will, according to astrology, continue until 2023 but rather see these conflicting dynamics as a catalyst for real change: transformation and transmutation. In terms of our lengthy journey to this point this period is short-lived. Once the chaos reaches a certain level, it will not last much longer and things will change very quickly. We know the light is winning.

It is the time of the Great Awakening, so we will see ‘the shaking up of the unshakeable, shaking of things we thought were immovable’, to quote Lorna Bevan. It will be interesting to see what happens to the ever-popular British monarchy at this time, the Vatican and other long-standing institutions which reflect the Piscean note. Top-down hierarchical structures and extreme political doctrines will find no place in the world. They simply will no longer work because they will be replaced by networks and communities based on mutual vision. Let me give you an example of how this change is already beginning to manifest in South Africa. Organisations including the Institute of Race Relations recommending we move to a federal system in which each province would have autonomy. The current centralisation is cumbersome and reduces a province’s power.

The ultimate goal of an Aquarian Age is freedom and liberation but this can only be achieved when soul and ego reconcile. We will gradually see the humanitarianism of Aquarius, acknowledging that every person has something to contribute and because of this you will see how we are able to work together for a greater vision. We will start to see a settling into unity, connection, compassion, peace and the first glimmers of prosperity and abundance.

There will be new types of energy discovered, Artificial Intelligence, space travel and connection with other forms of life. We will definitely see an increase in the use of renewable energy.

I cannot write about turmoil in the global picture without adding a reminder to you personally. Commune with Gaia to ease your body, mind and soul. Avoid polluting mind and emotions with the news, particularly if you are very sensitive and find it difficult to step back and be the observer. Meditate, send love to everyone, everything, everywhere. Show you know it’s all going to be OK, all is well. Smile!

Loving blessings to you,

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